Traditional Stone-steam Bath and Psammotherapy


Pyongyang, October 12 (KCNA) -- From olden times the Korean people have created admirable traditional therapies for the promotion of human health with help of resources abundant in the country.

Among them are stone-steam bath and Samdaem psammotherapy peculiar to Kaesong area.

The stone-steam bath is a sweating remedy by a hot crucible piled with loess and granite and covered with pine-needles on the bottom.

This remedy promotes the excretion of poisonous matters from human body and the circulation of blood and raises the function of internal organs. It is also efficacious for arthritis, adiposity, dermatosis, circulatory diseases, nervous system disorder, etc. In particular, steam is good for health as it contains mineral matters and anion emitted by loess, granite and pine-needles.

The Samdaem psammotherapy (sand-bath) is applied in the hottest period of summer every year.

In the Mami Streamlet, four kilometers away from the heart of Kaesong City, there is a site for psammotherapy that has been known to be as effective as insam. Sand in the site and water in the streamlet contain Mg, Fe, Cu, Si, Mn, Ca, carbonate and other ingredients good for human body. Treatment by warm sand, ultraviolet rays and cool bath in the streamlet help activate metabolism, circulation of blood and nervous system.

Many citizens of the DPRK have visited the site to get treatment since the Samdaem Sanatorium was newly built there last year.

The stone-steam bath and the Samdaem psammotherapy were registered as local intangible heritages in Juche 105 (2016).


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