Devotion Made by President Kim Il Sung for Farm Production


Pyongyang, May 22 (KCNA) -- Half of the whole journey of field guidance made by President Kim Il Sung in his lifetime was for guidance to the farms.

Regarding it as his lifelong desire to make the people be well off, the President had energetically guided the farm work of the country.

In May Juche 67 (1978) he visited the Tongbong Co-op Farm in Hamju County of South Hamgyong Province and acquainted himself in detail with the true state of rice nurseries. And he gave important instructions to make the farm become a model of agricultural production in the east coastal area, referring to such problems as growing rice seedling in a cold bed in the right season and setting up a scientific manuring system.

In June that year, he gave field guidance to the Wangjaesan Co-op Farm in the northern end of the country and clarified the mistake and aftereffect of the bigoted irrigating method after examining the situation of rice farming. There, he explained about the new irrigating method that he personally tested to confirm its vitality.

At the end of August 1993, he toured five farms in Paechon, Yonan and Chongdan counties of South Hwanghae Province in succession as soon as he concluded his guidance to the northern area of the country. And he gave vital instructions that would serve as a guideline in developing the province's agriculture on a higher stage.

As seen above, the President continued his long journey of field guidance to the farms, disregarding weather and road conditions, to solve the people's food problem.


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