Scientific Farming Method Introduced


Pyongyang, May 20 (KCNA) -- Rice-transplantation is now in full swing at different rural communities of the DPRK.

Aware of the importance of scientific farming in practice, many farms have introduced advanced agricultural techniques and methods on a large scale.

They applied organic fertilizers like fermented compost "Sinyang-2" to paddy fields to raise the fertility of soil and selected strains of rice suitable for their regional climate conditions. On this basis, they substantially conducted the preparations to ensure this year's farming in a sci-tech way.

Widely introduced are such advanced farming methods suited to regional conditions as rice-enriching method and method for cultivating big rice seedlings, along with various growth activators. Also, rice-transplanting machines were remodeled or readjusted to suit the features of various rice seedlings.

Some days ago, there was an online national symposium on high-yielding dry-field rice cultivation technology. The symposium served as a good occasion in further completing the cultivation method which ensures high and stable yields even under such unfavorable climatic conditions as high temperature and drought.


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