"Unhasu"-trademarked Cosmetics of DPRK


Pyongyang, May 19 (KCNA) -- "Unhasu"-trademarked cosmetics of the DPRK are winning popularity at home and abroad.

In particular, the cosmetics containing ingredients extracted from Kaesong Koryo insam, rose and mung bean were certified by the Eurasia Economic Union.

"Unhasu"-trademarked cosmetics are produced at the Pyongyang Cosmetics Factory, which is associated with the guidance of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

In February Juche 104 (2015) the Supreme Leader visited the factory, noting that it should be turned into a factory beloved by the citizens. He called for giving a complete facelift to the factory to turn itself into a flawless modern one of which the country can boast to the world, a model and standard cosmetics factory, saying that he would help carry out the project.

He examined the mark and trademark designs as well as a miniature for reconstructing the factory and took steps to provide its construction forces, sci-tech group and building materials. He also developed knowledge of its officials and employees so that they could produce cosmetics being able to compete with world-famous ones.

Visiting the remodeled factory in October 2017, he said it became possible to have the dream of women who want to be fairer realized. He added he was very happy to picture in his mind our women and other people delighted at world-level cosmetics being turned out at the factory which has been put on a modern, scientific and industrial basis.

And he set forth the tasks facing the factory, urging it to produce many more competitive cosmetics suited to the citizens' tastes and characteristics.

Thanks to his devoted efforts for the people, the Pyongyang Cosmetics Factory could become a model and standard one of the country and its "Unhasu"-trademarked cosmetics were developed into ones gaining public favor at home and abroad.


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