Might of Military-Civilian Coordination Displayed in Socialist Construction


Pyongyang, May 18 (KCNA) -- The Workers' Party of Korea (WPK) set forth an idea of launching an offensive for making a breakthrough head-on at the Fifth Plenary Meeting of its Seventh Central Committee in December last year.

True to its idea and line, all the civilians and servicepersons of the DPRK are winning victories one after another in all the fronts for building a powerful socialist country on the strength of military-civilian coordination.

The first victory was registered in the construction of the Sunchon Phosphatic Fertilizer Factory completed as a model of the country's industrial sector. Under the slogan "Let the People's Army take charge of both national defence and socialist construction!", servicepersons successfully finished the construction of its 70-odd buildings as well as greening and pavement of compound road on the highest level in less than four months.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un cut a ribbon for the completion of the factory on May 1 last. He went round the factory and highly appreciated the feats of all its builders, scientists and technicians, saying that it is a proud fruition borne by those faithful to the party policy with the might of military-civilian unity.

The might of military-civilian coordination is also fully displayed on the agricultural front, a major thrust area in the offensive for making a breakthrough head-on.

Servicepersons provided lots of farm materials for cooperative farms and helped urgent farm works like sowing, readjustment of rice dikes and repair of irrigation facilities. They, together with the shock brigade members, have sped up the construction of waterway tunnels, dams and generator rooms at Tanchon and Orangchon power stations under construction by dint of united efforts.

The vitality of military-civilian unity and coordination, a proud tradition of the Korean revolution, will be further displayed in socialist construction.


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