Matthew | 콤퓨터전문가 | 뽈스까2015-09-17
아주 아름다운... 혁명의 수도 평양 ! 가고싶다...
Matthew | 콤퓨터전문가 | 뽈스카2015-09-17
The glorious Workers' Party of Korea shows Korean People and a lot of people abroad the true way of prosperity! Thank you for uploading this wonderful video with music! 백전백승 조선로동당 만세!! 경애하는 최고사령관 김정은원수님 만세!!! I am trying to learn Korean every day. I am watching Your videos to learn Korean language, but it is hard here to get books from The Democratic People's Republic of Korea. I would like to know pure Korean language. If You would like to give me information where can I buy or get books of Korean language learning from DPRK, please, send me e-mail... Warm greetings and best wishes from Poland ! (뽈스카)
Matthew | Poland (뽈스카) | Computer expert (콤퓨터전문가)2015-09-15
Very nice music. I love BoChonBo Electronic Ensemble! Socialism is the only real way to development of the Country. I wish all the best to all citizens of the Democratic People`s Republic of Korea. I am sending my respect, admiration and wishes of good health and well-being for Respected Marshal, First Secretary of The Workers` Party of Korea Kim Jong Un who is the true defender of independence and peace. I hope that one day I will be able to visit The glorious and shiny DPRK, this would be the best day of my whole life. Greetings from Poland, Matthew.
전사 | 중국 | 해외전사2015-09-11
조선의 오늘 홈페지 멋있습니다.
胜利 | 上海 | 大学生2015-09-07
great | home | engineer2015-09-05
DPRK has a bright future as emphasising on technology and education.
Matthew | Poland | Computer expert2015-09-05
Very beautiful village. So clean and modern. I wanna live in the place like this...
王正全 | 学生 | 中国沈阳2015-09-03
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