Rodong Sinmun Ridicules Japanese Ruling Forces' Anti-DPRK Nonsense


Pyongyang, July 10 (KCNA) -- At recent talks between Japanese Prime Minister Abe and U.S. Defense Secretary Mattis, Abe said that a Japan-U.S. alliance is the roots of the peace and security of Japan and a pillar of the regional peace and Japan's Defense Minister Onodera cried out for jointly pressing ahead with the work to make the DPRK dismantle all its nukes and ballistic missiles.

Commenting on it, Rodong Sinmun says Tuesday that if Japan sincerely wants the Korean peninsula to be denuclearized and the world to be free from nuclear weapons, it would not talk such nonsense.

The commentary goes on:

A dramatic event is happening on the Korean peninsula where the situation was driven into the verge of confrontation and war.

Japan is very upset by this because the atmosphere of reconciliation and detente in the peninsula is throwing dark clouds over Japan seeking a war state.

No wonder, the Abe group has gotten the jitters at the possible undesirable change on the peninsula since the DPRK-U.S. dialogue was high on the agenda.

The Abe group is inventing a pretext of achieving its ambition for military giant and reinvasion at any cost, desperately inciting hostility towards the DPRK.

If Japan sincerely wants the peace and stability in the region, it should make a bold decision to liquidate the crimes committed by Japan against the Korean nation in the past and drop its dagger hidden behind its waist.

If Japan avoids the past liquidation and incites the hostility to the DPRK only, it would not escape from the political loneness for good.


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