President Kim Il Sung Praised as Eternal Sun of Humankind


Pyongyang, July 7 (KCNA) -- President Kim Il Sung was not only the father of the Korean nation, but also a peerlessly great man revered by the world people as the sun of humankind.

It can be well evidenced by the fact that a number of books, articles and poems like "Biography of Kim Il Sung", "Hymn to Kim Il Sung, a Great Artist of Leadership" and "The Sun Risen High in the East" have been created by the people of the world for the last decades since the publication of an interview "Recollections of Meeting with Chairman Kim Il Sung" written by the then secretary general of the World Federation of Trade Unions in April Juche 36 (1947).

N. M. Grivachev, a famous writer of the Soviet Union, in his epic poem "General Kim Il Sung" (1950) eulogized the great personality of the President and the conviction of the final victory in the Korean people's cause of justice.

Norodom Sihanouk, former king of Cambodia, in his reminiscences "My Special Relations with President Kim Il Sung" noted it is probably clear to say that his fellowship, fidelity and solicitude are originated from his natural benevolence with no rival among other politicians in the world.

After the demise of the President (July 8, 1994), the reverence for him has been further intensified among the world people.

Nearly 200 pieces of poems like "Comrade Kim Il Sung, the Shining Sun" had been created by famous writers, artistes, personages and people of various countries even in the latter half of 1994. This clearly shows that the President is the sun of humankind and the greatest man recognized by the world.

The general secretary of the C.C, the Nepal Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist) in his book "The Sun Never Dies" published on the occasion of the centenary birth anniversary of the President stressed that as people have no fear for the life of the sun, so the sun of the independence is eternal.

Indeed, the boundless reverence of the world people for the President is an eruption of their ardent emotion to uphold him as the eternal sun.


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