National Symposium on Protection and Rational Use of Swamp


Pyongyang, May 16 (KCNA) -- A national symposium on the protection and rational use of swamp in the DPRK took place at the Taedonggang Diplomatic Club on Wednesday.

Present there were officials of ministries and national institutions including the Ministry of Land and Environment Protection, Ministry of Agriculture and the Nature Conservation Union of Korea, science research bodies and relevant units, the executive director of the Partnership for the East Asian-Australasian Flyway and other foreign guests and members of foreign embassies and missions of international organizations here.

Speakers at the symposium noted that the DPRK government chose worldly important and significant swamp areas as migrants and swamp sanctuaries and has conducted brisk activities for protection and use of them.

Stressing the need to actively protect swamp for the economic development of the country and promotion of welfare of human beings, they said the symposium would contribute to strengthening the international exchange and cooperation for sustained development of the world.

Then, speeches titled "On protection of swamp in the DPRK" and "International environment cooperation in the DPRK and region" were made.

The participants in the symposium watched a video on protection and management of swamp which is necessary for existence and economic activities of mankind and looked round pictures introducing the Mundok Migrants Sanctuary and the Rason Migrants Sanctuary of the DPRK.


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