To Remove Obstacles to Reunification Is Demand of Times: Rodong Sinmun


Pyongyang, May 15 (KCNA) -- It is important to remove obstacles lying in the way of reunification in order to open up the new era of national reconciliation, unity, peace and prosperity through the successful implementation of the April 27 declaration, says an article of Rodong Sinmun Tuesday.

This is an issue drawn from the lesson taught by the history of the checkered north-south ties, the article stresses, adding:

The Korean nation bitterly cursed traitor Park Chung-Hee, "yusin" dictator who went mad to create "two Koreas" with the backing of outsiders while crying out for "confrontation accompanied by dialogue" even after agreeing on the three principles of national reunification early in the 1970s.

After taking office ten years ago from now, traitor Lee Myung Bak turned back the June 15 era full of enthusiasm and confidence into the past era of confrontation. It was a hideous act of treachery surpassing the anti-reunification moves of the "yusin" dictator. The group of traitors insulted the valuable June 15 era of reunification as a "lost decade" and asserted that "June 15-type reunification can never be allowed", invoking anti-reunification fascist laws and fundamentally blocking dialogue and cooperation between the north and the south.

Traitor Park Geun Hye who followed him put into active use the anti-reunification mechanism which her predecessors used to check the national reconciliation and unity and the improvement of the north-south ties, kicking up the racket for confrontation with the fellow countrymen. The traitor also worked with bloodshot eyes in the moves to stifle the DPRK in collusion with outsiders out of the intention to hurt the fellow countrymen.

The policy for confrontation pursued by the south Korean group of conservatives in a consecutive way and its anti-reunification mechanisms are a serious stumbling block lying in the way of the nation's reconciliation and unity and the cause of national reunification. It becomes an urgent requirement today to remove all sorts of obstacles in the way of reunification, which are not beneficial to the improvement of the north-south ties and national reunification.


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