Japan Should Clear Its Dirty Past: KCNA Commentary


Pyongyang, May 12 (KCNA) -- The whole world is zealously welcoming the coming DPRK-U.S. summit as the first step toward promotion of the positive situation development and building of bright future.

However, only Japan goes against this trend. Prime Minister Abe and other Japanese politicians are letting out a load of rubbish, crying out for "strict maintenance of the existing policy of pressure through international cooperation".

They are hurling mud at the DPRK over the "issue of abduction". The minister of Japan in charge of abduction issue recently slandered the DPRK, asserting "abduction is just like terrorism." The chief Cabinet secretary cried out for "putting maximum pressure on north Korea to tackle the abduction issue" in the international arena.

It seems that Japan is speaking of funerals when the talk is of marriage. The reactionaries of Japan are hyping the "issue of abduction" which had already been settled. This is just a mean and foolish behavior to stem the trend of peace on the Korean peninsula at any cost although it is unanimously hailed by the international community.

It seems that nothing has changed on the part of Japan.

When the nuclear issue of the Korean peninsula was under discussion ten years ago, Japan touched on the "issue of abduction" in the framework of multilateral diplomacy which was arranged with much effort, only to cause complexity. Such behavior came under worldwide criticism.

The DPRK-Japan relations are, in essence, the relations between victim and assailant. So, the assailant is obliged to make an apology and reparation enough to persuade the victim. This is just the point of the issue.

In the past century the Japanese imperialists deprived Korea of its sovereignty by breeding sly plots. They abducted and drafted a lot of Koreans to drive them to the sites of slave labor and wars of aggression, massacred more than one million Koreans and enforced the sexual slavery for their imperial army to make two hundred thousand Korean women sexual "preys" for its lecherous soldiers.

Each page of the history of Japan's past crimes is stained with blood shed by Koreans. The loss of manpower, material and cultural damage, loss of spiritual and moral wealth suffered by the Korean people due to the imperialists were so great that Japan can not fully indemnify for them although it offers its whole country to the Korean nation.

Nevertheless, Japan is now noisy about the "issue of abduction" against the positively developing situation on the Korean peninsula. Behind it is its sinister design to get someone's "sympathy" and evade the redemption of its past after getting rid of its wretched plight of "being alienated" in the handling of the international politics centered on the Korean peninsula.

Passing Japan is being caused by the Abe regime itself as it is politically short-sighted.

Japan should drop the idea that everything would go as intended by it.

It can never convince others if it fails to have the willingness to completely clear its dirty past.

Only redemption of past can help Japan.


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