Broad-spectrum Insecticide Proves Effective


Pyongyang, May 9 (KCNA) -- The Ministry of Urban Management of the DPRK has made achievements in conserving the forest resources of the country by applying broad-spectrum insecticide.

When the insecticide, diluted with water at the rate of 1:500-1 000, was sprayed upon needle-leaf and broadleaf trees as a trial, noxious insects like aphid, pine caterpillar and moth were completely exterminated with no harmful effect on animals, plants and human body.

One kilogram of the insecticide is enough to exterminate harmful insects in a hectare.

It has been applied to several areas by horticultural stations in Pyongyang and the Central Botanical Garden, proving highly effective.

The DPRK has staged the mass insecticidal campaign from March to May every year.


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