Day of Shining Star Marked by Foreign Media


Pyongyang, March 11 (KCNA) -- Foreign media featured reports on leader Kim Jong Il in celebration of his birth anniversary (the Day of the Shining Star).

Foreign papers were illustrated with the portrait of smiling Kim Jong Il and his photos.

The Thai paper Xing San Daily said that the Workers' Party of Korea developed into the ever-victorious guiding force, the Korean People's Army into an invincible revolutionary army and the DPRK into an impregnable socialist fortress under his leadership, referring to his feats in detail.

The Indian paper Indian and World Event dedicated three whole pages to an article praising his revolutionary career.

The German paper Rote Fahne and an Egyptian paper said that he built the Workers' Party of Korea into the party across which the system of the leader's idea and leadership was firmly established, into the mother party which formed a harmonious whole with the popular masses and serves them and into the experienced and seasoned political general staff steering the Songun cause.

The AKP, State Radio, Apsara Radio, F.M. 90.5 Radio of Cambodia and the Belarusian paper Samostoyatelnosti, the Guinean paper Horoya, etc. reported that the flower of the sun Kimjongilia is in full bloom in many countries.

A Guinean state TV broadcasting and DR Congo TV broadcasting aired Korean films "Prosperous Pyongyang" and "The Flag of the Workers' Party of Korea".


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