Kim Jong Il Lauded by Foreign Papers


Pyongyang, March 10 (KCNA) -- To mark the birth anniversary of leader Kim Jong Il, newspapers of different countries featured articles: "Comrade Kim Jong Il's Great Feats for Korean Revolution", "People's Leader Kim Jong Il", etc.

Those papers carried a portrait of smiling Kim Jong Il and his photos.

The Lao paper Vientiane Mai said that the reality of the DPRK pushing ahead with the building of a powerful socialist country despite ordeals of every description is inseparable from the feats of Kim Jong Il.

The Iranian paper The Iran News said that he devoted himself to the people, regarding them as the most precious being in the world and a teacher, adding that his benevolent image as the genuine leader of the people would be always remembered by the Korean people and the world progressives.

The Myanmar paper The New Age referred to the feats of the peerlessly great man who developed comprehensively and in depth the Juche idea through his rare ideological and theoretical activities to clearly show the road ahead of the progressive people, praising him as the great sage of mankind.

The Zambian paper Brandline News, the DR Congo paper La Prosperite and the Belarusian paper Buperyod, too, carried articles praising his ideo-theoretical feats and Songun leadership feats.

The Angolan paper O Pais told about his feats for national reunification; the Congolese paper La Patriot about the noble traits of Kim Jong Il who took care of all people with warm human love; and the Nigerian paper Nigerian Observer about how the immortal flower Kimjongilia came into being.


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