Conservation of Migratory Bird Reserves Gains Momentum


Pyongyang, March 10 (KCNA) -- It is getting brisk underway in the DPRK to conserve the sanctuaries of sea-birds and migratory birds and winter birds' habitats.

Sanctuaries and habitats along the coastal areas and inlands of the DPRK are very important for migration and inhabitant of birds in Northeast Asia.

Scientists of the Biodiversity Institute under the State Academy of Sciences are surveying the number of migratory birds, their inhabitation and ranges in those areas.

Due measures have been taken to provide migratory birds with inhabitable conditions, such as banning human activities in those areas, preventing fire from natural causes and watering dried lands.

Pisan-ri, Anbyon County of Kangwon Province is making achievements in restoring the habitat of crane by introducing agro-forestry management technology and organic farming method in good combination with its management.

There are more than 30 winter habitats and sanctuaries for migratory birds in the DPRK.


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