Establishing Juche-based Ferroalloy Process Underway


The Puryong Ferroalloy Factory in the DPRK is well known over the country as the one making big contribution to the development of metallurgical industry.

Recently, the factory succeeded in developing a new ferroalloy with locally available raw materials and is putting spurs to establishing the Juche-oriented ferroalloy process.

At the same time, it is building the processes for producing ferromanganese and ferrosilicon which will take a big share in increasing ferroalloy production by three times. To this end, the factory finished the laying of fire-bricks inside furnace in a shortest span of time and pushes forward other projects like power supply system.

Meanwhile, it is pushing ahead with such projects for technical innovations as setting up processes of producing multi-component ferroalloy with various alloy elements and modifiers and concentrating high-grade alloy elements.



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