Forcing Japan to Pay for Its Crimes against Korean Nation Called for


Pyongyang, March 8 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the Korean Committee on Measures for the Sexual Slavery for Japanese Army and Drafting Victims in a statement Thursday dealt with the new disclosure in south Korea of a video showing the barbaric massacre of Korean sexual slaves by the Japanese imperialists toward the end of the Second World War.

The video, kept at the U.S. National Archives, shows the footage of the scene of Korean women mercilessly killed by the Japanese imperialist aggressor troops in Yunnan Province of China on September 15, 1944 after being forced into the sexual slavery at battle fields.

An allied force operational journal was also disclosed to the effect that the Imperial Japanese Army shot to death 30 Korean women on September 13, 1944, whom they used to carry as sexual slaves.

The recently disclosed video and data indict for the barbarous acts committed by the Japanese imperialists, which can not be found in history of wars of any other country of the world, the statement said, and went on:

The facts clearly prove that Japan is the sworn enemy of the Korean nation as it committed hideous crimes against humanity that can never be redeemed for generations to come.

No statute of limitations is applicable to the hideous sexual slavery crime committed by Japan.

Still remaining unsettled is the resentment of the Korean women who were buried in desolate alien land after falling victim to the sexual slavery of the Japanese imperialists with their human dignity and chastity crudely violated.

However, the Abe group of Japan has gone impudent to say that "there is no data proving the forcible drafting of comfort women for the Imperial Japanese Army" and that "it was voluntary service for making money", insulting the victims of the sexual slavery. They even offered a few penny of money to traitor Park Geun Hye's group to cook up sort of "agreement" which they called "final and irreversible".

Faulting the reports of international organizations which pointed out Japan's despicable crimes, Japan openly forced their modification, and stubbornly called for the removal of statues of a sexual slave for the Imperial Japanese Army built in different countries. On the other hand, it has gone mischievous, persisting in brazen-facedly raising the "abduction issue".

Far from repenting of the unprecedented crimes, Japan calls for "normal state" capable of fighting a war with the backing of the U.S., openly disclosing its ambition for reinvasion of the Korean peninsula and the Asian continent.

The cursed act of the Japanese reactionaries enough to enrage others and make blood boil is an intolerable mockery and insult to the Korean nation.

We will never pardon all crimes committed by Japan against the Korean nation in the past, including the crimes related to the sexual slavery and will certainly force it to pay thousands-folds.


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