New Tissue Culture Technology Established​


Pyongyang, March 7 (KCNA) -- Scientists of the Plant Tissue Culture Institute under the Bioengineering Branch in the DPRK established a new technology for tissue-culturing good species of plants and methods of mass-producing them.

Through intensive research into trees of high economic value like poplar and dwarf cherry, scientists settled such problems arising in the process of tissue culture as determining the kinds of growth-controlling materials and their density and safely acclimatizing tissue-cultured seedlings under any circumstances.

It is said that tissue-cultured seedlings transplanted to some areas have proved very high in their rooting and acclimatization rates.

They can be grown in any parts of the country as they are highly resistant to unfavorable climatic conditions and it is easy to propagate them.

In particular, the density cultivation of dwarf cherry makes it possible to increase the fruit output per hectare and lower the production cost.


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