Yonbaek Plain Seething with Preparation for Farming


Pyongyang, March 6 (KCNA) -- Yonbaek Plain is one of big granaries in the DPRK.

Now, the plain is seething with the preparation for farming.

Yonan County has expanded the area for cultivating high-yield crops 1.3 times than that of last year, while Chongdan County adopted good strains of salt-resistant seed and is going to introduce the method of sparsely planting big seedlings which has proved effective in farming.

Paechon County is making full preparations for applying the rice-enriching method to many hectares of cropland on trial.

It also gains momentum to prepare and repair farm machines and tools.

The Paechon County Farm Machine Station supplied over 15 000 farm machine accessories of ten-odd kinds to cooperative farms. And Chongdan County produced several hundred more tons of manure year-on-year in this season.

The Aeguk Compound Microorganisms Fertilizer Factory in Yonan County has produced over 60 tons of multi-nutrients for rice seedlings and the Chongjong Cooperative Farm in Chongdan County dug up more than 10 000 tons of peat.

Agricultural guidance organs are taking due measures to increase the fertility of soil with organic fertilizer and make preparations for double-cropping.


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