U.S. "2018 Nuclear Posture Review" Blasted


A spokesman for the Korea Asia-Pacific Peace Committee in a statement on February 10 said that the U.S. has come under fire worldwide for its "2018 Nuclear Posture Review" (NPR) as it poses a serious threat to the peace of the Korean Peninsula and the world and deals with an extremely dangerous nuclear attempt which will result in a new cold war.

The statement said:

The NPR stipulates that since the DPRK as well as China, Russia and Iran pose a "serious threat" to the U.S. and its allies, the U.S. will start updating the strategic nuclear weapons and developing the "low intensity smaller nuclear weapons" to cope with the "threat" and that it will use nukes to counter the non-nuclear weapons attack on the U.S. and its allies as well as nuclear attack on them.



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