Chairpersons of Chongryon Headquarters Meet​


Pyongyang, June 9 (KCNA) -- There took place a meeting of chairpersons of the headquarters of the General Association of Korean Residents in Japan (Chongryon) at the Korean Hall in Tokyo on May 29 and 30.

Present at the meeting were Ho Jong Man, chairman of the Central Standing Committee of Chongryon; Nam Sung U, its vice-chairman; Pae Jin Gu, its vice-chairman and concurrently director of the General Affairs Department; Jo Il Yon, its vice-chairman and concurrently director of the Organization Department; Pak Ku Ho, its vice-chairman; Kang Chu Ryon, its vice-chairwoman and concurrently chairwoman of the Central Standing Committee of the Union of Democratic Korean Women in Japan; Ri Myong Yu, chairman of the Central Audit Committee of Chongryon; department directors of the Central Standing Committee of Chongryon and chairpersons of the headquarters of Chongryon.

The meeting discussed the tasks and ways for consolidating Chongryon as a cornerstone of patriotism and opening up a brilliant efflorescence of national education.

Speeches were followed by a report made by Ho Jong Man.

Underscoring the need to strengthen Chongryon, the reporter said that all the full-time officials should give definite precedence to the ideological work, wage a dynamic innovation movement and find themselves among the masses with the spirit of making selfless and devoted efforts for the compatriots.

He noted that the headquarters chairpersons should build up organizations and groups at all levels and perform their duties in a responsible manner and thus bring about a decisive advance in the work for building up the branches of Chongryon.

He stressed the need to further develop the national education in the face of the moves of the Japanese authorities for erasing Chongryon.

Speakers vowed to push ahead with innovation movement to turn branches into cornerstones of patriotism and, at the same time, conduct national education, lifeline of the movement of Koreans in Japan, with the main emphasis put on organization building and patriotic activities as commanding officials in charge of regional guiding units.


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