Mountain-climbing Routes Associated with Great
Person's Noble Outlook on People​


Pyongyang, May 29 (KCNA) -- Nowadays, a large number of people can be seen making the ascent of scenic Mt Myohyang in the DPRK covered with green foliage.

In this regard, Kim Chol, director of the Management Office for Scenic Mt Myohyang, told KCNA:

The paths up the mountain are associated with devoted efforts of Chairman Kim Jong Il for the people.

In May Juche 70 (1981), the Chairman went round the areas of Sangwon Ravine, Manphok Ravine and Piro Peak in Mt Myohyang to indicate the ways for turning the mountain into a scenic spot for the people.

He climbed the mountain without safety arrangements in the van to open a 20-odd kilometer-long route to Piro Peak.

In the course he appointed sites for pavilions and relaxation and gave detailed instructions on the issues arising in organizing mountaineering, including mountaineering period, itinerary and lodging place.

Thanks to his detailed guidance, guard-chains were installed along 70-odd kilometer-long mountaineering routes and various shapes of bridges, more than 14 000 steps and 1 500 foot grooves were built in different parts of the routes.

And many pavilions and rest places were newly arranged and information boards appeared at every beauty spot.

That's why visitors to Mt Myohyang are unanimous in saying that the famous mountain turned into a resort for the people thanks to his noble outlook on the people.


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