AFC Grassroots Football Day Marked


Pyongyang, May 15 (KCNA) -- An event was held at Pyongyang International Football School to mark AFC Grassroots Football Day on May 15.

Present there were Jo Chol, vice-chairman of the Education Commission, officials of the DPRK Football Association and in the field of education and sports teachers and pupils of junior middle schools and primary schools here.

Kim Sang Hyop, vice-secretary general of the DPRK Football Association, said in a speech that youth and students of the DPRK are conducting brisk grassroots sports activities at splendid stadiums, sports parks and playgrounds.

He stressed that all the attendees should make a positive contribution to promoting the development of the country's football techniques and making the whole society enthusiastic over sports and football.

Pupils of Pyongyang International Football School and other schools did the football rhythmic exercise to be followed by a seminar of sports teachers.

Speakers explained the trend in the training of football reserves, important issues arising in basic technical education, and achievements and experience they gained in running football groups at the schools.

At the end of the seminar there were small-scale football matches of the pupils of primary and junior middle schools.


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