Dissolution of LKP Demanded in S. Korea


Pyongyang, March 15 (KCNA) -- According to the south Korean internet newspaper Jaju Sibo, the Youth Solidarity of south Korea released a commentary on Wednesday in demand of the dissolution of the "Liberal Korea Party", source of all evils.

The commentary said that the ultra-rightist wrongs of LKP keen on distortion of the spirit of the Kwangju Uprising and confrontation with the fellow countrymen enrage the people with each passing day.

It noted that the LKP's impudent act of making a mockery of and enraging the people almost every day, far from reflecting on its crimes, can never be pardoned.

It stressed that only when the LKP, the hotbed of all evils, following outsiders in disregard of the people, is dissolved, it is possible to stabilize the people's livelihood and usher in a new era of peace, prosperity and reunification.


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