34th Festival of Science and Technology Takes Place in Provinces


Pyongyang, March 13 (KCNA) -- The 34th festival of science and technology took place in all the provinces.

The Pyongyang City festival of science and technology was held from March 5 to 13 at the Pyongyang Railway Station Department Store.

The participants were officials, teachers, researchers, workers and students of more than 190 units including science and research institutes, universities, factories and enterprises in Pyongyang.

The festival, which was divided into several panels such as power, light industry, agriculture, machinery and electronics and automation, showed a collection of more than 300 scientific and technological achievements and inventions.

Similar festivals were also significantly held in North Phyongan, South Hwanghae, South Phyongan and other provinces amid the expectations and interest of officials and working people in the fields of economy, science and education.


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