Joint Resolution of Pomminryon Adopted


Pyongyang, February 21 (KCNA) -- The North, South and Overseas Headquarters of the Pan-National Alliance for Korea's Reunification (Pomminryon) adopted a joint resolution at the 19th meeting of co-chairmen of Pomminryon held on Wednesday.

The resolution stated as follows:

1. Pomminryon will hold aloft the banner "Let us usher in a heyday of peace, prosperity and reunification of the Korean peninsula by thoroughly implementing the historic north-south declarations!" this year.

Pomminryon will turn out as one in the patriotic movement for reunification to carry out the north-south declarations, programme of reunification common to the nation, with a whole heart, and ensure the wide-spread campaign for implementing the north-south declarations everywhere its organizations work.

2. Pomminryon will powerfully propel the development of inter-Korean relations which have entered the new stage.

It will join all the compatriots in focusing all efforts on turning inter-Korean relations into the irreversible reunification-oriented relations free from stalemate and deflection as in the past.

3. Pomminryon will firmly join hands with compatriots of all strata at home and abroad and strive to develop cooperation and exchange between the north and the south directed towards national co-prosperity.

As an immediate task, it will fully support and welcome once again the north side's expression of the willingness to resume the Kaesong Industrial Park and tour of Mt Kumgang without any precondition and without any consideration in return for them out of warm earnest heart and compatriotic stand and will wage a dynamic mass drive to ensure that it bears fruit.

4. Pomminryon will firmly join hands with the compatriots of all strata at home and abroad, who love the nation and want peace and reunification, irrespective of party affiliation and political grouping and past, and pool efforts and wisdom to implement the historic north-south declarations.

It will celebrate in splendor with broad spectra of people the significant days common to the nation, including the first anniversaries of the Panmunjom declaration and the September Pyongyang Joint Declaration, thus making the whole of Korea enthusiastic about national unity and independent reunification.

5. Pomminryon will enlarge and strengthen its organizations to fulfill responsibilities it assumes before the times and nation as vanguard of independent reunification and standard-bearer of great national unity.

It will further expand its mass foundation and steadily increase its ranks through diverse practical activities aimed at implementing the north-south declarations while strengthening its regional and basic organizations this year, too.

The resolution appealed to everyone to dynamically open up a great heyday of peace, prosperity and reunification under the banner of inter-Korean declarations with fresher courage in high spirit.


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