KPA Lauded by Cambodian Press


Pyongyang, February 9 (KCNA) -- The Korean People's Army (KPA) has reliably defended the safety of the country and people over the past more than seventy years after its founding.

The Cambodian AKP said this in an article titled "The army of the people" posted on its website on Feb. 4 with the approach of the founding anniversary of the KPA.

The article noted that every country regards the army as a consuming unit and its role is restricted to the defense of the territory and rescue operations but the KPA brings benefits to the people as it plays an important role in various fields such as economic construction, to say nothing of the defense of the territory.

It stressed that the matchless merits displayed by the service personnel of the KPA in the past Fatherland Liberation War clearly proved that the KPA is the army of the people both in name and in reality.

It said that the KPA makes great contributions to economic construction for the country's prosperity and people's happiness.

In recent years the service personnel of the people's army built a lot of monumental edifices in major worksites for socialist construction, the article concluded.


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