S. Korean Group of Traitors under Fire: KCNA Commentary


Pyongyang, February 8 (KCNA) -- The group of south Korean conservative traitors are keen on barring inter-Korean relations from developing onto the new stage by inflaming confrontation with the fellow countrymen from the outset of this year.

The conservative forces including the "Liberal Korea Party" dismissed the DPRK's sincere efforts as a "bogus peace offensive", voicing that "the work for improving inter-Korean relations and cooperating in economy advances too fast".

Meanwhile, they are whipping up confrontation hysterics, saying that "the north's action is part of a high strategy to rock the south Korea-U.S. alliance and cause discord in the south, the north's denuclearization is never credible and that they should focus efforts on substantially tackling the nuclear issue of the north".

The confrontation moves by the conservative forces that come as a setback to the development of inter-Korean relations against the trend of the times are nothing but a hysteric tantrum thrown by the most heinous traitors who are doomed, marginalized from the strong trend of national reconciliation, unity, peace and prosperity.

As acknowledged by the international community, last year the north-south relations underwent a dramatic change unprecedented in the history of national division spanning over 70 years.

The adoption of the historic north-south declarations has reversed the relations between them in the utmost extremes of distrust and confrontation to those of trust and reconciliation and brought a peaceful climate to the 3 000-ri land of Korea.

Just at the time when all the Korean nationals are pooling their minds and efforts for the better future of the nation, only conservative forces are unhappy with the reality and go off into confrontation hysterics taking issue with all the issues as to inter-Korean relations.

Even though the work for cooperation and exchange between the north and the south is a patriotic project for the unified development and co-prosperity of the nation and, at the same time, hugely benefits the south Korean economy and its people's living, they dismiss the work as a "drain on resources".

Not content with denying the valuable successes of last year, they viciously belittled them, remarking that "last year was a miserable year in which 10 years of security posture was severely hindered at the cost of enjoying a brief peacetime spanning one year".

What's more, they shamelessly uttered that "south Korea needs its own nuclear arms", in spite of the fact that they had turned the whole south Korea into the nuclear arsenal of outside forces.

How can today's climate of national concord and trend of peace on the Korean peninsula, which commands admiration from all the Koreans and warm support from the international community, be understood as "serious security crisis".

After all, the conservative group's oft-repeated "peace" means none other than confrontation and war.

The conservatives' mad acts just lay bare their nature as a trouble-maker of the nation, cancer-like entity, which has no desire for national reconciliation, unity, peace, prosperity and reunification.

No Koreans tolerate the group of traitors who attempt to revive conservatism and to retake power by keeping national division permanent.

So the south Koreans spit at the behavior of the group of traitors who got mad over their greed for power, saying that "their move was a political bait to win the favor of the voters by gathering the supporters for the conservatives".

As long as the traitors including the LKP which indulge in things harmful to the compatriots, not for the good of them, live and breathe, our nation's misfortune, pain, damage and disaster will get worse and last long.

The group of conservative traitors must be taken to the grave of history as soon as possible as they block our nation's efforts for reconciliation, unity and reunification.


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