S. Korean Conservative Forces' Despicable Act for Increase of "Defence Cost Sharing" under Fire


Pyongyang, February 5 (KCNA) -- The south Korean public is becoming increasingly denunciative of the U.S. forcing south Korea to increase the "defence cost sharing".

Last year south Korea bore more than 960 billion won as "defence cost sharing" and this year the U.S. demands more.

It is quite natural that the south Koreans from all walks of life massively turned out to protest against this, angered by it.

But only the "Liberal Korea Party" and other conservative forces are exceptional.

Now the conservative forces have gone so awkward as to depart from the south Koreans over the issue of the "defence cost sharing".

The LKP which is the hotbed of conservatives, and Chosun Ilbo, Dong-A Ilbo and other conservative media, and the riff-raffs including the Association of Reservists of south Korea assert that "the government did not make a concession over the defence cost sharing even though it reorganized the fund for south-north cooperation to be more than last year and it is an attitude of neglecting south Korea-U.S. alliance." Claiming that it is an act of neglecting the south Korea-U.S. alliance, they call for offering more "defence cost" to the U.S. and even demand the resumption of joint military exercises.

The conservative forces call for offering huge amount of fund collected from people as taxes to outsiders while shunning exchanges and cooperation with fellow countrymen as "drain on resources". They are indeed mad on sycophancy and treachery.

Now that the situation on the Korean Peninsula has converted into detente and peace, the increase on "defence cost sharing" can never be allowed as it means an increase of "aggression cost" and "war cost" calling for confrontation and war.

The south Korean conservative forces are keen on sycophancy and treachery and confrontation with the fellow countrymen, while touting strengthened "alliance" with the U.S., clean indifferent to how the times have changed. They are, indeed, senseless guys.

The south Koreans can never retake the sovereignty and dignity nor can they carry out active movement for national reunification as long as the group of traitors working with bloodshot eyes to do harm to the fellow countrymen while getting all the more dependent on sycophantic treachery and outsiders, being bereft of an iota of national dignity, are left intact.

The conservative forces trying to prolong their dirty remaining days while clinging to the coattails of outsiders must be thrown overboard.


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