DPRK Educators Determined to Make Bigger Successes This Year


Pyongyang, January 9 (KCNA) -- Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un in his New Year Address set it as a major task for further strengthening the might of the independent socialist economy to attach national importance to talent training and sci-tech development.

In hearty response to the New Year Address, educators in the DPRK have turned out in this year's general advance, firmly determined to make bigger successes in the educational work.

Pak Yun Sam, vice-president of University of Sciences, told KCNA:

To develop science and technology and train talents is a patriotic work of eternal value for surely providing the lifeline of the revolution.

The might of self-reliance, constantly maintained by the Workers' Party of Korea in socialist construction, is based on science and education.

Always cherishing the idea that science and education are the foundation in state building and important indices decisive of the national strength, I will strive to produce good results in education this year as an educator at a pedigree establishment for training scientists.

Jong Kwang Chon, vice-president of Kim Chaek University of Technology, said:

Our university has important position and mission to play in implementing the WPK's strategic plan on building a sci-tech power, a talent power.

We will further raise the qualitative standard of the university education by improving the teaching contents and methods in conformity with the world trend of educational development and pedagogical requirements.

We will wage a hot emulation for improving teachers' qualifications and creating new teaching methods and make a constant improvement of educational condition and environment.

So, the university will train its students into creative talents with strong eagerness to study and ability to put into practice and genuine scientists ready to devote themselves to the prosperity of the country.


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