DPRK Sportspersons Full of Confidence


Pyongyang, January 7 (KCNA) -- Encouraged by Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un's New Year Address, sportspersons in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea are now hardening their will to continue displaying the wisdom and vigor of the Korean nation in international games.

Last year, the DPRK made signal successes in the sports field.

World and Asian championship holders were produced in various sports events including weightlifting, artistic gymnastics, boxing and wrestling. And sportspersons of the DPRK proved successful at the 18th Asian Games, the 13th World Junior and the 8th World Veteran Taekwon-Do Championships and the 9th Asian Taekwon-Do Championship.

It is their determination to display the honor of Juche Korea with gold medals in the new year, too.

Kim Chun Hui, weightlifting coach of the Kigwancha Sports Team who was awarded the title of the DPRK Labor Hero last year, told KCNA that there is nothing impossible to do when the strength of ideology, mental power is displayed to the full. And she expressed the will to strive for putting the training on a scientific basis and applying the Korean-style sporting principle in every game.

Ri Se Gwang, a gymnast of the April 25 Sports Team who is an Olympic gold medalist and a thrice world championship holder, said that he would redouble efforts to prove successful at international games, always cherishing the trust and expectation of the people.


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