Coal Production on Increase in DPRK


Pyongyang, January 5 (KCNA) -- In hearty response to the New Year Address made by Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, coal mines in the DPRK are seething with zeal for increased production.

In this regard, Kim Chang Sok, department director of the Ministry of Coal Industry, told KCNA:

The respected Supreme Leader in his New Year Address said that the coal-mining industry is a primary front in developing the self-supporting economy.

Encouraged by his New Year Address, colliers have turned out as one in a drive for increased production.

As of January 4, coal mines across the country carried out their daily production plan at 105 percent.

Taking the lead in the drive are coal mines in the western part of the country.

Coal mines under the Tokchon Area Coal Mining Complex exploited coal 1.2 times that planned by giving precedence to tunneling with continuous drilling and blasting.

Similar successes were made at the Anju and Kangdong area coal-mining complexes.

Coal mines in the northern part of the country have overfulfiled their assignments by raising the working ratio of equipment.

Meanwhile, officials of the Ministry of Coal Industry have properly carried on the work for supplying mining equipment, prop timbers and various kinds of accessories to coal mines across the country.


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