KCNA Commentary Urges Japan to Swim with Trend of Times


Pyongyang, December 22 (KCNA) -- The Japanese reactionaries are going reckless to derail the regional situation.

Recently it carried out the test-fire of SM-3 Block 2A co-developed with the U.S. in the waters off Hawaii.

Earlier, the Japan Defense Ministry simultaneously made boreholes for ground survey in the Mutsumi drilling ground and the Araya drilling ground belonging to the Ground "Self-Defense Forces," sites proposed for ground interceptor missile system Aegis Usher, and made it known to the public.

Japan's incitement of the bellicose atmosphere is a serious act of harassing peace to chill the peace atmosphere on the Korean peninsula and the region and strain the situation.

The new trend for peace created on the Korean peninsula has positive impact on the peace and stability of the region and the world.

It is something strange to see Japan, which benefits more than others from the hot wind for peace, going busy with military actions while getting vocal about the non-existent "threats from north Korea".

It is the revelation of the crafty trick of the Japanese reactionaries to further ratchet up the tension on the Korean peninsula and meet their own interests.

The present favorable situation deprives Japan, a country that has rushed headlong to become "a war-capable country" up to now since its defeat, of any justifications to realize its military giant ambition.

This is the reason that the Abe authorities complained about the security environment around Japan in the new "defence guidelines program", saying that it is rapidly getting worse, and deceived the international community.

In actuality, Japan is rushing for a war-capable state that could inflict disaster on humankind again.

It decided to increase defence expenditure 6.4 % for the coming five years.

While envisaging investing huge fund equivalent to the military spending of world's military powers in the purchase for F-35 and other ultra-modern arms and equipment and weapon development, it is going to remodel Maritime "Self-Defense Force's" escort ship Izmo into an aircraft carrier.

It is natural to hear the voices of the worried public at home and abroad calling for "scrutiny into the necessity for the introduction of the U.S. interceptor missile defence system."

Japan chilling the peace atmosphere in the Korean peninsula and the region is the most dangerous aggression force, war force threatening peace and security of the world.

Japan will remain a forsaken island country in the international arena forever if it keeps going against the trend of the times. It has to remember this.


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