Japanese Imperialists' Massive "Punitive" Attack in Jiandao


Pyongyang, November 2 (KCNA) -- Among the horrible genocide committed by the Japanese imperialists against the Korean nation before Korea's liberation was a massive "punitive" attack in Jiandao in the year of Kyongsin (1920).

Entering the 1920s, the Japanese imperialists intensified the exploitation, plunder and slaughter against the Korean people. They even thrust their oppressive claws into Koreans living in northeast China.

In October 1920, the Japanese imperialists bribed heads of mounted bandits to fabricate the "Hunchun incident" and shifted the blame for it on to the Korean Independence Army.

And, with this excuse, they dispatched troops of the 19th Division of the Japanese aggression army in Korea, police forces and many armed bandits to Hunchun, Wangqing, Helong and other parts of the east Manchuria of China.

The bloodthirsty felons burnt out houses and schools and mercilessly killed peoples in Korean villages.

A foreigner, who witnessed the atrocities committed by the Japanese imperialists, stated that they shot all of Korean villagers to death irrespective of age and sex after forcing them from houses and even burnt survivors to death.

In Jiandao more than 30 000 Koreans were mercilessly killed, over 6 000 houses burnt and nearly 100 000 persons left homeless in less than two weeks.

After turning Jiandao into a sea of blood, the Japanese imperialists organized an event to "celebrate the successful punitive operation" and even gave "commendation" to the murderers.

Indeed, the massacre of Koreans committed by the Japanese imperialists is a thrice-cursed crime against humanity that should be settled without fail.


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