Japan Is Obliged to Pay for Its Past Crimes to Hilt: KCNA Commentary


Pyongyang, October 9 (KCNA) -- Japan has come under bitterer public criticism for its brazen-faced behavior of refusing to apologize for and reflect on its past crimes.

It is justifying the history of aggression and dashing toward overseas expansion. Such act has gone beyond serious concern and anger of the international community. Its atonement for the past crimes, therefore, has become an urgent issue.

It is typically manifested in the recently mounting public demand for the dissolution of the "reconciliation and recovery foundation" in south Korea.

As already known, the "reconciliation and recovery foundation" is a product of another criminal scheme to erase the state-organized inhuman sexual slavery crime of the Japanese imperialists from history in return for payment of a petty amount of money.

Japan even insists that the money put in the "foundation" is not the one paid as reparation in recognition of its state-backed crime but the one for compensation and aid.

It is just a monstrous way of thinking peculiar to Japan that it can clear with compensation the inhuman crime it committed by taking away hundreds of thousands of women to battlefields to force sexual slavery.

Japan claims it has done its bit by paying some money, insisting on the "final and irreversible settlement" of the sexual slavery issue. This is just an act of adding to the past crimes.

The "foundation", contrary to its signboard "reconciliation" and "recovery", has inflicted bitterer disgrace and pain upon the survivors of slavery, rather than to "recover" their dignity or "heal" their wounds.

That is why aged victims in south Korea are vocal in their demand for its dissolution in streets, criticizing Japan's impudent behavior.

People of various circles in south Korea are also calling for its dissolution, condemning it as the height of the "pro-Japanese acts" traitor Park Geun Hye committed by selling the dignity of the Korean women for some money.

Only the "Liberal Korea Party" of south Korea, a group of top-class pro-Japanese traitors, remains averse to it, openly backing Japan.

Japan's atonement for the past crimes can never come to an end with the dissolution of the "foundation".

The humiliating "agreement" on the issue of the sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army, which produced the criminal body like the "foundation" for denying the crime-woven past, should be totally nullified and abrogated.

Japan still remains an assailant in history as it denies sexual slavery crime.

Japan is obliged to admit its state and legal responsibility for all crimes of the brutal Japanese imperialists and make apology and reparation for them. If not, there will be no final settlement of issue.

The issue should be settled in keeping with the victims' demand and the international laws reflecting international justice from beginning to end.

Until the day when it is settled in that way, the Korean nation will carry on its struggle.


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