Construction of Tanchon Power Station Progresses Apace on in DPRK


Pyongyang, October 8 (KCNA) -- Signal achievements have been made at the construction site of the Tanchon Power Station in the DPRK.

According to data available, builders have carried out 80 percent of the project for work pits and completed over 10 kilometers-long pilot tunnel for main waterway tunnel.

The construction of hydraulic structures for power stations has been pushed forward.

Builders have finished the concrete coating of the pit for surge tank of the power station No. 1 at over 70 percent, while pushing ahead with such projects for the power station No. 6 as construction of dam and intake tower and excavation of diversion channel for generator room.

And the reconstruction of the Tanchon-Honggun Iron Bridge is being accelerated at the final stage.

Meanwhile, the field headquarters has encouraged every affiliated unit to ensure high speed and quality in the construction.


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