KCNA Commentary Snipes at Abe's Project for Constitutional Revision


Pyongyang, October 6 (KCNA) -- Japanese Prime Minister Abe said after being elected as president of the Liberal Democratic Party that he would challenge for constitutional amendments which had never been realized for over seven decades.

His talk about the constitutional amendments reminds the international community of the wide-spreading political saying that there is a steel bar called constitutional revision in the backbone of Abe.

Abe's repeated trouble-making remarks are indicative of the deep-rooted militarist wild ambition of the Japanese political circles keen on wetting the sword of reinvasion in a bid to restore the erstwhile status of a colonial ruler.

Constitutional revision is a lifetime goal of Abe.

At every opportunity Abe liked to say that "he would modify the constitution first once he becomes the prime minister." It is not surprising that he, who won elections three times by taking advantage of the ultra-right tendency in Japan, is about to orchestrate a stupid farce for constitutional revision, the 70 odd-year long ambition.

Then, what is the essence of the "Pacifist Constitution"?

The "Pacifist Constitution" legally guaranteeing the system of Japan after the end of the Second World War stipulates "war renouncement" in Paragraph A and "ban on possession of combat power" in Paragraph B of its Article IX.

The reason why the Abe regime is fussing over the earlier revision of the constitution is that the constitution is just putting the brake on the regime's war chariot dashing toward the realization of such wild ambitions as revival of militarism and overseas reinvasion.

It is the wild ambition of the Abe regime to make Japan a country capable of going to war at its own will by successfully carrying out such revision as adding the provisions of its "Self-Defense Forces'" existence to Article IX of the constitution in the near future.

The regime even set a "timetable for constitutional revision" aimed to put the modified constitution in force from 2020.

The 2018 defense white paper published by Japan also reflects the expansionist policy of the regime to step up the increase of armaments and get rid of the restrictions by the "Pacifist Constitution."

The regime has already laid a legal foundation for overseas military advance by instituting the "law on tackling contingencies in the vicinity", the "law on dealing with emergencies" and the "law on a special measure for tackling terrorism".

It is now going crazy about the development of medium-and-long range missiles after having aircraft carrier-class warships and new-type fighter jets and air tankers.

Seeing this, even a mere child may know what it will do after constitutional revision.

Japan, which has already turned itself into dangerous belligerent forces by spending a huge amount of money for building a military giant, is now seeking to remove the brake "Pacifist Constitution". This is just a reckless scheme to inflict a holocaust upon mankind again.

Now that a new peace trend has a great impact on the world political situation and regional dynamic relations are undergoing a rapid change, Japan is just the most dangerous aggressor forces disturbing peace and security in the Asia-Pacific region.

The world should heighten vigilance against Japan's accelerated moves for militarist revival and overseas expansion.


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